Silicon Valley Launchpad provides an opportunity for startups from around the world to immerse themselves in the Silicon Valley ecosystem and, through our program, attain the direction, traction and investor attention they require to make their startups a booming success.

As an Official Partner of GSV Labs, we provide access to a powerful platform for connecting members of the Global Silicon Valley ecosystem. With an existing network of 175+ startups from 20+ countries spread across over 60,000 square feet of creative working space, you will have access to the perfect blend of creativity, and technology.

We have a wide variety of innovative startups within our system that are using their brilliant ideas to solve issues and revolutionize the EdTech sector, Healthcare & BioTech Industry, Entertainment & Gaming Industry, FinTech, Sustainability/CleanTech, Mobile Innovation and the Big Data Industry.




We provide support and exposure to innovative Edtech startups that are looking to make an impact in the global education system and are turning to technology to provide smart solutions for future education needs. This division includes startups making innovative tools for teachers, students, schools and other educators.


Our HealthTech division focuses on healthcare technology entrepreneurs who are looking to provide innovative and high-tech solutions for the healthcare industry with their startups. This division focuses of digital health products and services that improve care, payment services and delivery methods for healthcare.


If your company is looking to make a change in the BioTech industry, we are here to support and accelerate your ideas and services. Our BioTech division provides essential mentorship and connections that these innovative startups need, to industry leaders in the Silicon Valley.

Mobile Innovation

Our Mobile Innovation division supports startups from several industries that are using mobile technology to bring their ideas to life. SVL provides the right tools to grow and develop your idea, tweak your products to perfection and connect with industry leaders in the Silicon Valley to validate your ideas.


Our FinTech division focuses on growth of innovative financial technical companies that are looking to drive a change in various aspects of the financial world such as banking services, smart wallets, payments, financial management etc.


Gaming and Media tech companies are the focus of our EntertainmentTech division here at SVL. We nurture and support the companies that believe they have the next big idea to revolutionize the entertainment/gaming industry, and provide them with the right connections to bring their ideas to life.


Our Sustainability/CleanTech division focuses on startups looking to make an impactful change in the environment and solve issues related to waste management, water, energy and more. SVL provides a connect to the Silicon Valley community for those looking to support startups that are trying to make a difference in the field using smart, technological solutions.

Big Data/Cloud

Our Big Data/Cloud division supports and accelerates startups in multiple industries that are involved with Data Analytics, Cloud infrastructure products, Data Lake acceleration products and services, Big Data transactions and various areas of Business Intelligence.