Needless to say, the Government plays a key role in creating an innovation and entrepreneurship friendly environment in the country. Startups, corporates, academic institutions etc. look up to the government to create policies, funds and infrastructure essential to the growth and success of startups and industry disruptors. While different governments are at different levels of maturity in their country's startup programs, most of them lack a program that extends beyond national boundaries into global outreach and mentorship.


Tapping into the success of the Silicon Valley and the expertise of mentors that have achieved global success, Silicon Valley Launchpad intends to work hand in hand with various government programs in providing access to hand picked companies from your country to experience and learn from these success stories and bring back their experiences into your country to enrich future generations of startups/entrepreneurs.

  • Global exposure for the best startups in your country

  • Mentorship and guidance for your startups from industry leaders in the Silicon Valley

  • Access to niche resources a startup needs to be successful in a short period of time

  • Improve the quality of startups that get funded in your country

  • An opportunity for startups attending the program to bring back the knowledge and invaluable experiences back into your country to share with new and aspiring talents.

  • A window into the inner workings of Giants like Uber, Facebook, Twitter etc.



The role that an educational institution plays in nurturing talent and encouraging innovation directly affects the quality of startups that emerge in the nation. Historically, Entrepreneurship was synonymous with business schools only but since the influx of tech businesses in the startup landscape, leading technology schools have played an equally important role in nurturing and honing talent at the university level. Institution that encourage and support its students and alumni to pursue their startup ideas become pioneers in producing quality talent.


Silicon Valley Launchpad is keen on forging partnerships with educational institutions that share our passion and recognize the value of growing and nurturing startup ideas emerging from them. Through our partnership, we would like to make your institution the leading university based innovation and entrepreneur center in the nation.

  • Direction and support to emerging university based entrepreneur talent

  • Access for students to our Immersion program which include site visits to top Silicon Valley based corporations and institutions.

  • Opportunity for university alumni to join our acceleration program in Silicon Valley.

  • Access to innovative startups from your country in the EdTech industry

  • Form a synergetic relationship between the educational and startup ecosystems


It's no surprise that Corporations across the globe have stepped up to support startups and innovation eco-systems with definite benefits of engaging in this space. But what are those benefits and why should Corporations care and ultimately help startups and entrepreneurs?

  • Tap new sources of innovation for your business through our startup community  

  • Grow talent and cultivate new ideas that will in turn support the corporate community

  • Stay up to date on emerging technologies in your industry

  • Reduce heavy R&D budgets by immersing in the upcoming startups

  • Fulfill CSR requirements by being involved with our startups committed to social responsibility.

  • Stay young by being involved in new tech and bridging the gap between you and startups.

Silicon Valley Launchpad has partnered with elite corporate leaders here in the Silicon Valley that provide a strong support system to our startup community. Through these exquisite partnerships, we are able to leverage their strength and expertise and better support our system.