Mentorship is an essential component of a successful startup. Our Mentors provide their industry-specific knowledge and real-world experiences to startups in every stage of their company. We have built a strong community of mentors who are ready to help startups perfect their investor pitch, strategize about their idea, guide startups in the right direction and provide useful insight into a specific product/service.

Our program has access to a network of 150+ mentors from various different industries, who have been successful themselves at launching and executing their own startups and companies and are looking to give back to the new generation of innovators. We are constantly looking to welcome new mentors to join our team and be actively involved with our startups.


  • Opportunity to meet and impact innovative new companies

  • Social Responsibility of giving back to the startup community

  • An exciting way of keeping up with the times and discovering new tech ideas

  • Mentoring can also be a learning opportunity for many

  • It is a great networking opportunity to interact with other mentors and entrepreneurs

  • A way to pay it forward and build lasting relationships in your industry