Our investor network is a vital part of Silicon Valley Launchpad. We welcome investors to gain access to our wide variety of startup community and provide what it takes to help these innovative startups succeed and thrive. Our investor community consists of early stage investors, investing organizations, corporate investors, angel investors and venture capitalists.

Actively involved investors in our network receive access to a variety of emerging startups and industry disruptors at an early stage. Being a part of this community allows investors to identify and fund upcoming startups within their industry of interest and also receive invitations to various investor events where top talents in the Silicon Valley showcase their emerging products and ideas.


  • Have the opportunity to invest in innovative young companies at an early stage

  • Diversify your portfolio with access to our startups from several different industries

  • Be a part of the next big product/service that changes the world!

  • Investment in the right startups can have the potential for excellent returns

  • Invest in something you believe will have a positive impact on the world

  • Investing in startups can be a rewarding experience