" Silicon Valley Launchpad provides a soft landing for international companies who are looking to foray into the Silicon Valley ecosystem "

About Us

It’s no secret that Silicon Valley is the epicenter of global innovation and technology. Universally known as the ‘VC Capital of the World’ and home to thousands of successful startups and many Fortune 1000 companies, Silicon Valley is where startups come to validate their ideas and network with the best . However, it can be a daunting task for international companies to have access to and find a foothold in this inspiring environment.

Startups from various countries end up spending thousands of dollars and more importantly, a lot of valuable time, trying to navigate the system and finding the right contacts here in the Silicon Valley

Who We Are

Silicon Valley Launchpad serves as a launchpad for international startups and accelerators into the Silicon Valley innovation, mentorship and venture capital ecosystem.


As an Official GSV Labs partner, we provide access to state of the art programs like Google Launchpad, Pioneer Summit and ASU-GSV Summit. Moreover, our network gives us access to 150+ industry specific mentors and a wide variety of Silicon Valley based Investors and VCs.

We help bring innovative young companies into the Silicon Valley ecosystem, nurture them and support them so they can be a step closer to validating their ideas and receive guidance, mentorship and capital funding by being a part of an intensive and immersive accelerator program.

Our program is open to early stage startups, as well as established technology companies from around the world, who are looking to receive mentorship, guidance and the right connects here in the Silicon Valley.